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Pantene Hair Shampoo 70ml-320ml

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Pantene Hair Shampoo 70ml / 170ml / 320ml

Experience the rich moisture of Pantene's Exclusive Pro-V Formula.

What makes Pantene Pro-V moisturizing shampoo extraordinary?

- Nutrient-rich lather infuses every strand.

- Nourishes and moisturizes for effortless detangling.

- Works all day for lasting shine.


✅ Hair Fall 70ml
✅ Anti Dandruff 70ml
✅ Moisture Renewal 70ml
✅ Hair Fall 70ml
✅ Silky Smooth 70ml
✅ Hair Fall 170ml
✅ Anti Dandruff 170ml
✅ Damage Care 170ml
✅ Silky Smooth 170ml
✅ Moisture Renewal 170ml
✅ Silky Smooth 320ml
✅ Damage Care 320ml
✅ Anti Dandruff 320ml
✅ Hair Fall 320ml
✅ Moisture Renewal 320ml

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